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RefWorks problem creating bibliography

I obtained an error message when I tried to create my bibliography. Any idea how I can fix the problem please?
Last Updated: Nov 14, 2012  |  75 Views
Topics: RefWorks

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The error message is shown below:

RefWorks create bibliography error

We believe this error report may be due to a citation placeholder having been deleted or de-duplicated from your RefWorks database. There are some brief notes about eliminating duplicates on the Library website: – is it possible you removed some of your original citations? Please take care not to delete any citation you have used in any document you are working on!

Here are some options for you to investigate:

One cause of this problem is where the format of the citation placeholder has been corrupted somehow. If you click on the {{ }} placeholder it will not become highlighted in grey. Sometimes it possible to fix this problem using Write-N-Cite:

- select from the Tools menu the option "Revert to WNC v.2 document" and link to "Revert" button

- after the reversion is complete, select from the Tools menu the option "Convert to WNC III Document" and link to "Convert" button


Another cause of this problem is when your citation placeholder points to a reference that has been deleted from your RefWorks database, perhaps as the result of any de-duplication you may have done. You may restore any deleted references, provided you do this within 30 days, or you may also delete the incorrect placeholder and re-insert the correct database entry. There is more help on this and related aspects at  

If you work through your paper can you identify if all the placeholders refer to an ID number in RefWorks or are any of them corrupted so that they won’t highlight when you click on them? If you cannot find the placeholder(s) at the root of the problem, the RefWorks Support team will be happy to diagnose and fix any problematic citations. Just e-mail: describing your problem and send a copy of the problematic document. If your problem cannot be resolved please contact: for further advice.


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