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On campus a publisher may not ask you to log in as you will already be associated with Brunel's IP address range (provided the Library has paid for a subscription). When you are off campus and you use a search engine to find articles, like Google Scholar, this situation is not true

Fortunately in many instances a publisher will let you use your Brunel University username and password to obtain access to a full text article. When you follow a link, try to find a login link - the publisher may use one of the following terms:

  • Log in via your insititution
  • Insitutional Login
  • Sign In
  • Shibboleth
  • etc.

You may be able to type in Brunel, or you may have to choose UK Access Management Federation or UK Higher Education first and then select Brunel from a long list of institutions. When our login page opens, sign in with your Brunel credentials as usual, eg: me15ikb and your Brunel University Computer Network password to secure online access to full text materials.

Here is a typical example:

Step 1 - select "Sign In"

SAGE Sign In

Step 2 - select the link "Login in via your insititution" (your Brunel University Network username and password will not work at the publisher's site; note also that Brunel does not use OpenAthens as an access management system)

SAGE Sign In step 2

Step 3 - select UK Access Management Federation

SAGE Sign In step 3

Step 4 - find and select Brunel University from the drop-down list

SAGE Sign In step 4

Step 5 - sign in at Brunel's end by entering your Brunel University Network username and password and select "Continue"

Brunel Sign In - enter your Brunel University Network username, for example me15ikb, and password

Step 6 - the publisher grants access if and only if Brunel University holds a subscription - note that Brunel's logo appears when access is conferred

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