Answered By: Business Librarian
Last Updated: 17 Jul, 2015     Views: 570

There are three databases I'd recommend searching for company reports: Passport, Reports from Business Source Premier, and Nexis Company Dossier. These are all listed on the Market Research Library guide, which you find by going to the Library homepage and selecting Libguides from the popular links section. Click on the Companies tab. Make sure you Login to e-Library on the Library homepage first.

Mintel is a really good resource but the reports are about markets and industries, with short sections on the relevant companies, rather than in depth reports on the company (though the companies section goes into more depth in some reports).

Passport is the database that contains the most in depth company profiles; just search for the company name in the box at the top right. You may need to use the options at the left of the list of results to narrow down to only Company Profiles. If you don’t find the company you’re looking for, consider whether you’re using the brand name – is there another name that the company might be known by?

You won’t necessarily see sections in a report on market position, strategy and performance, but browse through the content sections (listed at the left of the report homepage) and you will probably see other sections that contain this information.

But Passport doesn’t have reports on all companies. Try opening Reports from Business Source Premier from the Market Research guide and searching for the company name. The reports in Business Source  Premier don’t go into as much depth as the reports in Passport, but should still be useful.

The final place to look is in Nexis Company Dossier. Search for your company to get a snapshot report. Each section in the snapshot report (e.g. Business Description) has a link to the source of the information, which may go into a lot more detail.