Answered By: Jo Nash
Last Updated: 19 Feb, 2016     Views: 3618

Let the Library know you have lost your card as soon as you realise it is gone or as soon as you possibly can after that point.

We will bar your card to ensure no-one can borrow books on it without your permission.

While your card is barred you will not be able to make renewals, place reservations, etc, so please ask us to renew any outstanding items before we bar the card.

If you find your card again, assuming you have not already purchased a replacement, just bring it to the Library Help Desk and we will re-instate it

You should also let the Student Centre (or Brunel Security when the SC is closed) know you have lost your card as soon as possible. The Student Centre will remove access privileges from the card to prevent unauthorised access to Halls and other University buildings. They can also provide a replacement card (there may be a charge).

Please bring the new card to the Library Help Desk to activate the new card number for your Library account.

If you have not reported your card missing to the Library and Student Centre, in a timely manner, you may be liable for any costs that are incurred due to unauthorised use of your card, before you reported its loss, i.e. loss of or damage to University property, including Library books, DVDs, etc.