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Write-N-Cite is a Word add-on enabling you to cite references stored on your RefWorks database as you write a paper.


These instructions are for RefWorks 2.0 users using Windows 7 to Windows 10. The latest version of Write-N-Cite is also compatible with RefWorks 3.0 and Word 2016 on Windows, however, you should note that Refworks 3.0 does not have the citation output style Harvard (Brunel University) yet: use Harvard - Cite Them Right instead.


The pre-requisites (Java and VSTO) should be installed in strict order before the ProQuest for Word app (also known as Write-N-Cite 4.5.1601 or WNC4) is installed on your computer * this version of WNC4 is now compatible with Word 2016 on Windows * (but not, however, for Mac users - for OSX see: instead). We recommend that you restart your computer after installation.


The following instructions are the steps taken for manual installation of previous versions of Write-N-Cite -- the current installer handles installation automatically now. Just log on to your RefWorks account and go to the Tools menu.





  1. Start with RefWorks already open (see also Links and Files section below)
  2. Link to <Tools>, <Write-N-Cite> from the menu bar
  3. Link to <Write-N-Cite 4 for 32-bit Word> or <Write-N-Cite 4 for 64-bit Word> as necessary (check your requirements here: - most users will have the 32-bit version on Windows 7.
  4. Save the WNC4 file temporarily to Desk Top (or similar location)
  5. Check you have all the pre-requisites installed * before * you install Write-N-Cite 4 - check steps 6 to 10 and make sure you have the most up-to-date versions of each component
  6. Ensure you have updated your computer’s operating system by visiting the Microsoft Windows Update page and selecting the update that applies to your device.
  7. Download and install or update .NET 4 - visit Microsoft .NET Framework 4
  8. Download and install Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime - visit Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime
  9. Ensure you have the current version of Java 8 on your computer by visiting - for 32-bit: Oracle's download site - or for 64-bit: the Java download site. (Note: Java 6 and 7 are no longer supported and should be uninstalled. Note also: the Java updater will request to install a search toolbar and set it to be your default search tool - if you do not want this toolbar you should uncheck the box
  10. Optionally update your version of Microsoft Word or, if you have Word 2007 or Word 2010, upgrade to Word 2013 (licenced to all Brunel students and staff) by installing Microsoft Office 365 -- just sign in to the Connect Portal (see Links and Files section below), select My Apps and follow the instructions (Word 2016 is not available to Windows users through the institutional Microsoft Office 365 licence yet)
  11. Restart your computer


Installation of ProQuest / RefWorks Write-N-Cite 4 for Word

  1. Now run the WNC4 installer app
  2. Open Word and look for ProQuest/RefWorks add-in tab - if it is not visible, select <File>, <Options>,  Add-ins - under Manage: COM Add-ins select <Go> and ensure that ProQuest is selected - we have noted that the OneNote add-in may need to be deselected before Write-N-Cite's add-in can be enabled
  3. Link to <Log In>  Log in to Write-N-Cite (ProQuest for Word)
  4. Either enter your RefWorks username and password or copy and paste the one-time code from the same RefWorks window from where you obtained WNC4 (step 2, above) 
  5. Wait for your RefWorks references to finish "Syncing data"
  6. If your document was written using WNC III you may need to convert it when prompted
  7. ProQuest Write-N-Cite for Word toolbar - style and bibliography options
  8. Under Style: find and select your output style, for example Harvard (Brunel University 2013/14)
  9. On the relevant page use the Bibliography Options button to create your bibliography
  10. See attached document: WNC4.docx, below, for more details
  11. Any problems, email or, outside UK office hours, contact RefWorks Support ( with the specifics (for example: Win 7, Office 2010, .Net 4, VSTO 2010 and Java (JRE 8.0_xx) and describe which step seems to be the problem. RefWorks Support works from  USA so will be available until around 2am.


Write-N-Cite III for users with older versions of Word/Windows (Write-N-Cite 2.5 for Mac)

  1. Start with RefWorks already open (and all other  windows closed)
  2. Link to <Tools/ Write-N-Cite> from the menu bar
  3. See the "Write-N-Cite for MS Word" grey box on the right-hand side of the pop-up window
  4. Link to <Previous versions> (Write-N-Cite III for Windows)
  5. Link to <Download 964K>
  6. Link to the <Run> button
  7. Follow the wizard to install Write-N-Cite
  8. Respond “Yes” when asked whether you want to open Write-N-Cite
  9. Two windows should open: Word and Write-N-Cite
  10. Note that the Remote Access tab is displayed
  11. Enter Brunel University's group code in the group code box - if you don't have this please
    the email to request it (it will be supplied within one working day)
  12. Link to the <Go to Login> button
  13. At the Write-N-Cite login page, enter your RefWorks login name and password


Please note: we now support WNC4 throughout the Library on all networked computers running Windows 10,  and also users with their own computers (either 32-bit or 64-bit MS Office). It should also be installed on networked computers running Windows 10 in other locations. However, if your network computer is still running on Windows 7, you will need to ask your Computing Officer to install Write-N-Cite.

WNC4 works as a WYSIWYG editor directly from a Word tab or button. Any problems, email or, outside UK office hours, contact RefWorks Support ( with all your specific details (Operating system, version of Word, version of WNC and your problem).