Answered By: Alice Cann
Last Updated: 10 Nov, 2023     Views: 419

We have global market share for various industries in selected databases, listed on the Market Research page, and the A-Z list of databases. 

Passport from Euromonitor:

  • When you click on a link to the database from the Library homepage, you get to a login screen.  You need to select UK Institution users login, then type Brunel University into the search box, then enter your network username and password. If you are a first time user you may need to register first using your Brunel details.
  • In Passport, click on Search on the black bar (top left).
  • Select your industry (not all industries, e.g. automotive, are included) then scroll down and click Now choose Geographies
  • Select World, then scroll down and click See data now
  • The Market sizes are probably displayed, you can switch this to Company shares or brand shares using the drop down menu at the top of the column "stats type" displaying the data.

Business Source Premier, containing reports from Marketline:

  • To find reports in this database, it is best to use the links to the Enhanced Business Searching Interface, from the Market Research page, rather than the normal journal searching interface.
  • Click on the Link to Industry Reports under Reports from Business Source Premier, on the Market Research page. This takes you to an A-Z list of industries. Search using the Browse box for the industry you’re looking for. For each industry that’s available, there will be reports for individual countries and, probably, a global one. After you click on the report title, you get a list of the reports for each year, and you can open the most recent one and finally click on a PDF link. In most of these reports there should be a market share section (I looked in Food, Beverage and Tobacco industry profile: Global and Automotive Retail Industry Profile: Global)
  • The market share lists for four companies and then Other.  

Of the other databases that we have which contain market share information, Mintel is UK only and Mintel Market Sizes has data for individual countries and regions, but not globally.