Answered By: Monique Ritchie
Last Updated: 18 Aug, 2014     Views: 2186

It may not always be possible to archive collections of previous exam papers either in print, or electronically (Blackboard Learn, the intranet, etc). 

Amendments to UK copyright law in June 2014, now mean that third party material used in exam papers falls under the new fair dealing statutory exception for examination purposes. This exception allow use of 'fair' amounts of a copyright work for the purposes of setting the paper, sitting and marking the exam.  

Any further use or distribution of the exam paper containing third party material must be covered by another fair dealing exception, eg fair dealing for instruction or illustration for instruction, and the content must be reassessed in line with the new purpose and the scope of the applicable exception. 

Where exam papers can be archived, they should only be archived within the University's secure network, not on the Internet.

If fair dealing does not apply to third party copyright material in archived exam papers, then a licence or direct clearance will be required. Alternatively, third party content should be removed, and can be replaced with a reference to the source.