Answered By: Katie Flanagan
Last Updated: 07 Aug, 2018     Views: 54

Special Collections is home to books and documents that are particularly rare, fragile or vulnerable. This includes archive collections of manuscripts. They are used for research by students, academics and people from outside the university.

You won't find them on the main library shelves, as they are kept in special storage conditions. Everyone is very welcome to use them, but you need to request an appointment to do this. There are also special restrictions in place whilst you use them, for example pens, food and drink aren't allowed. This is to ensure they survive for future generations of researchers to use. Access is also invigilated, so a member of Special Collections staff will be watching whilst you are using the collection. 

You can find out more about the collections on our webpages, and more details of accessing them on the Using our collections page. Any questions about Special Collections can be emailed to