Answered By: Business Librarian
Last Updated: 21 Feb, 2018     Views: 1440

Once you have logged into Bloomberg on a Bloomberg terminal in the Financial Resources Suite:


  • Type in the company name into the search bar at the top left. Don't press Return/Enter
  • Several sets of results appear. The top results are functions (database sections)
  • The second set of results are securities - often things that can be bought or sold (companies, bonds...)
  • Identify the company you are researching, by ticker code and name (ticker codes in the left column can help in identifying whether the company is public or private. UK and US public companies will generally have letters rather than numbers in their ticker codes. The information in Bloomberg on private companies is very limited)
  • When you select the company, the Equities menu will display.  Choose functions relevant to your research, such as:
    • DES - Company description
    • FA - Financial Analysis
    • CF - Company Filings
    • GP - Graph Price
    • GF - Graph Fundamentals
  • White headings, such as Company Analysis, take you into further sub-menus containing other Bloomberg functions, such as SPLC - Supply Chain Analysis

In any Bloomberg screen, you can click on the ? at the top right and Launch the Help page, which provides comprehensive information on using the function you have loaded.