Answered By: Business Librarian
Last Updated: 02 Dec, 2016     Views: 33721

To be able to export and manipulate large amounts of data using Excel, an add-in needs to be installed. You will only need to do this once, after which you should always be able to see the Datastream tab when using the two together.

  1. You need to be logged in to Datastream first (with the username and password added in the appropriate place) before the Excel add-in will work correctly
  2. Open Excel and select File, then Options
  3. Select Add-InsExcel Options menu screenshot
  4. Next to 'Manage: Excel Add-Ins', select Go
  5. Select BrowseAdd-Ins menu
  6. Navigate to the D Drive, select Datastream Advance, then Advance Office.xlam. The Datastream add-in should now be available within Excel (you will not find the add-in on the C: drive because students are not permitted access to this drive on networked computers)

If you have previously installed the add-in in a library training session you may need to repeat this procedure the first time you use a bookable Datastream PC. Browse for the add-in within the D: drive to ensure the correct file-path.