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Last Updated: 12 Nov, 2014     Views: 147

Web of Science (previously known as Web of Knowledge) was upgraded to version 5.13 on 13 January, 2014. It requires Internet Explorer 8 or above for the search button to work - it requires javascript. Other browsers are not affected so you might want to switch.

If you have Internet Explorer 8 or above but you find the search button is missing, it could be that your browser's compatability view setting is on. This means Internet Explorer will identify itself as IE7 and pages may be displayed as if you have an older browser so that elements on the page, like buttons, may be missing, or not function correctly. The reason compatability view is used is to ensure older, web-based applications, designed for IE6 or IE7, still work.

If you have IE7 and the Web of Science's search button is missing, you can switch the compatability view setting off as follows:

Tools > Compatability View Settings > uncheck the box: Display Intranet sites in Compatability View (see below)

Web of Science 5.13 - changing Compatability View setting

The web page should then refresh with the search button present...

Web of Science ver. 5.13

If you are using IE9, this browser should work by default. however, if you have toggled the "Compatability View" button on the right hand side of the URL address bar then you will get the same problem.

IE9 and Web of Science with Compatibility View selected

To fix it click on the "Compatability View" icon once more.

IE9 Compatability View button