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When you are on campus a publisher may not ask you to log in as you will already be associated with Brunel's IP address range (provided the Library has paid for a subscription).

If you are off campus and you use a search engine to find articles, such as Google Scholar, this situation is not true and you may be denied access.

Fortunately, in many instances, a publisher will let you use your Brunel University username and password to obtain access to a full text article. Just try to find a login link (see also the LibX toolbar link below) - the publisher may use one of the following terms:

  • Log in via your insititution
  • Insitutional Login
  • Sign In
  • Shibboleth
  • etc., etc.

You may be able to type in Brunel, or you may have to choose UK Access Management Federation or UK Higher Education first and then select Brunel from a long list of institutions.

When our login page opens, sign in with your Brunel credentials as usual, eg: me15ikb and your Brunel University Computer Network password to secure online access to full text materials. Here is a typical example:

Step 1 - select "Sign In"

SAGE Sign In


Step 2 - select the link "Login in via your insititution" (your Brunel University Network username and password will not work at the publisher's site; note also that Brunel does not use OpenAthens as an access management system)

SAGE Sign In step 2


Step 3 - select UK Access Management Federation

SAGE Sign In step 3


Step 4 - find and select Brunel University from the drop-down list

SAGE Sign In step 4


Step 5 - sign in at Brunel's end by entering your Brunel University Network username and password and select "Continue"

Brunel Sign In - enter your Brunel University Network username, for example me15ikb, and password


Step 6 - the publisher grants access if and only if Brunel University holds a subscription - note that Brunel's logo appears when access is conferred

SAGE Journals - Childhood full text e-journal


Alternatively, we also have a browser toolbar called LibX (for Firefox and Google Chrome browser, see link below) which can add contextual links and help you sign in to our online subscriptions.

Finally, when you are off campus, we recommend that you use Blackboard Learn to access your reading lists. We also recommend you always start your research at the Library's homepage and then use the link "Access resources off-campus", which will take you to Brunel Sign In.