Answered By: Dom Benson
Last Updated: 20 Feb, 2017     Views: 68

The way Chrome handles weak security certificates changed recently. It considers that the connection is unsafe. Before proceeding you should ensure that your anti-virus program is updated and, if on your own device, your laptop firewall setting is on. If you are in a public place, consider using a VPN client (available from the Connect Portal under My Apps, see links and files below).

There are two workarounds, either:

a) switch to a different browser, or

b) choose to open the MyiLibrary e-book by permitting the browser to proceed by selecting the ADVANCED link (see below)

Unsecure or out-of-date security certificate warning displayed on Chrome browser

and then select the link to proceed to (which is the hosting service for the MyiLibrary ebook)...

Select link to accept the the security alert and proceed to (unsafe)