Answered By: Alice Cann
Last Updated: 03 Jul, 2023     Views: 71

To check that we definitely have full text or access to or a hard copy of, any book or a digital reading of the chapter, you first need to search for it by book and chapter title on the Library home page. It's best to choose the 'book' search for the book title and 'search all' for the chapter title - we may have obtained a digital copy of the chapter if it's included in a reading list. If the book or chapter still doesn't show up, or there is just an abstract record relating to the publication or chapter, then we don't own or have access to it. Once you've checked and we definitely don't have access there are a few options by which you can obtain a copy or access to the chapter you need.

Firstly, you could try searching Google Scholar as often sections or chapters of books have been made available for access there. Next, you could try applying for an inter-library loan here. A hard copy of the book or a digital copy of just the relevant chapter can be obtained. Alternatively, you could search for other local Universities that may have the book in their holdings. It can sometime be cheaper to travel to a Library where you can have reference access to the book than to obtain via inter-library loan. You can search the British Library or JISC Library Hub Discover sites. There's more information about accessing other UK University Libraries through the SCONUL Access scheme here.

Finally, you might be lucky and find access to the chapter you need through a google search of the titles - it sometimes helps to put the book or chapter title in inverted commas.