Answered By: Claire Mazer
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See the example used here: Shale gas and fracking (

Use the pattern described at OSCOLA s.3.4 Other Secondary Sources: author, | ‘title’ | (additional information, | publisher | year) also adding: <URL link> accessed date month year.

The author and title are immediately clear from the document. In the centre of the citation you have (additional information, | publisher | year) so use the following information: (Briefing Paper No CBP 6073, House of Commons Library 31 March 2020). The link to the paper should be non-live, i.e. just text as follows in this example:
< >. The date of access is when you accessed the briefing paper, and uses a specific date format, for example: 17 February 2022. Avoid using th after 17 (as in 17th ). The month should be provided in full (February), not Feb or 17/02/22. The year should also be provided in full (2022).

Remember in your bibliography Sara Priestley’s (the author) name will appear as Priestley S, … rest of citation…

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