Answered By: Claire Mazer
Last Updated: 17 Feb, 2022     Views: 8

For EU cases in footnotes use the following pattern: Case Number Case Name [Year]  report abbreviation first page, for example: Case T–344/99 Arne Mathisen AS v Council [2002] ECR II–2905. Note the word Case precedes the case number. The case name is italicised.

For the EU cases in the bibliography, I suggest using the advice shown at s1.6.2 (paras on EU cases):

'If not listed separately, EU cases should be arranged alphabetically by first party name in the table of cases, with the case number following the name of the case in brackets, so that ‘Case T–344/99 Arne Mathisen AS v Council [2002] ECR II–2905’ is cited in the table of cases under ‘A’ as ‘Arne Mathisen AS v Council (T–344/99) 11 [2002] ECR II–2905’. If the table of cases is divided by jurisdiction, list ECJ, CFI and Commission decisions separately, in chronological and numerical order, citing the cases as in footnotes, with the case number first, but omitting the word ‘Case’. If a large number of such cases are cited, it may be helpful to compile a separate table of the cases in alphabetical order.'

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