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When you install WNC4 it should automatically appear as the ProQuest / WNC4 add-in tab on Word's ribbon toolbar.

Write-N-Cite 4 add-in tab for Word

If you find that the Proquest / WNC4 add-in tab does not display when you open Word you may find that a COM add-in for OneNote (or another program) is conflicting with the WNC4 add-in. The conflicting add-in needs to be disabled as follows:

  1. Select <File>
  2. Select <Options>
  3. Select <Add-ins>
  4. Select <Manage COM Add-ins> from the drop-down menu
  5. Select <Go>
  6. In the COM Add-ins list deselect the OneNote add-In(s) and make sure the ProQuest add-in is selected
  7. Select <OK> and the ProQuest add-in tab should appear
  8. Select <Log-In> to sync the WNC4 toolbar with your RefWorks database - note that the ProQuest tab changes to RefWorks

See below for the steps.

How to select or de-select COM add-ins for Word