Answered By: Jo Nash
Last Updated: 01 Nov, 2023     Views: 17

Student Library accounts will be barred on 1 November each year if there are outstanding fines/bills from before 1 August of the previous academic year i.e., fines outstanding from before 1 August 2023 will cause the account to be barred on 1 November 2023.

This is to prevent large fines accumulating from year to year as it is easier to pay off smaller amounts and deferred bills can lead to disputes, when our records do not match student's memories of what they may/may not have borrowed 2 or more years ago. Large bills can also interfere with enrolling with the university for the next academic year.

To unbar the account the bills must be paid and/or the overdue items that have caused the fines be returned so we can clear the associated costs.