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These instructions are for Mac users with Word 2011 or Word 2008, and legacy RefWorks 2.0. Write-N-Cite version 4 (WNC4) is installed on Word as a floating toolbar labelled ProQuest (or RefWorks).

Please note that Java is a pre-requisite. It must be installed before WNC4.

VSTOR 2010 is not required on a Mac - it is only required by Windows users.

Note also that Write-N-Cite 4 is not compatible with Word 2016 - see the Troubleshooting section and separate links on installation below on RefWorks Citation Manager (note also that this Word add-on does not include the Harvard (Brunel University) output style, you should choose Harvard - Cite Them Right instead).


For Yosemite (OS X 10.10 or later) - follow these steps:

  • Before you begin, upgrade to the latest version of Word 2011 for Mac (you may install Word 2016 from our Microsoft Office 365 offer too but, for compatibility reasons, please keep Word 2011)
  • Install Java for OS X 2017-001 (see the Links and Files section below) and restart your computer - please note: if you installed Java 8 from Oracle then when you try to run ProQuest's installer for WNC4 it will not complete the installation (you will see an error message that states Java Runtime Environment is not installed - see the troubleshooting section below)
  • Obtain WNC4 by logging in to your legacy RefWorks 2.0 account (see also link below) and selecting Tools > Write-N-Cite
  • Install Write-N-Cite
  • Open Word 2011 and under the View menu enable the toolbar by selecting ProQuest (or RefWorks)
  • Click on the Log in icon -   Log in to Write-N-Cite 4 (also known as ProQuest for Word)and enter your RefWorks username and password (if using Shibboleth, log in to RefWorks and under Tools > Write-N-Cite copy and paste the code under "How do I log into Write-N-Cite 4 using my institution credentials?")
  • Wait for your RefWorks references to finish "Syncing data"
  • Write-N-Cite 4 style and bibliogrpahy buttons
  • Under Style: find and select your output style, for example Harvard (Brunel University 2013/14)
  • On the relevant page use the Bibliography Options button to create your bibliography

If you upgraded your older version of Mac OS X to Yosemite or El Capitan, Java should be enabled by default - it needs to be installed before you can install WNC4.


Mavericks (OS X 10.9) or earlier - follow these steps:

  • Install the 32-bit version of Java 8 (latest update version) for Mac from the Oracle web site (see link below) and restart your computer
  • WNC4 should be installed after you have obtained Java 8, see the related FAQ:



  • Log in to legacy RefWorks 2.0 and, under Tools > Write-N-Cite, link to the installation guide
  • If you installed the wrong version of Java then Write-N-Cite 4 will not run. To correct this problem uninstall the Java plug-in called "JavaAppletPlugin.plugin" (search for it on Finder under Applications, then drag it to trash) - then go to the link below for Java for OS X 2017-001 (or later) and install this version instead and restart your computer
  • If you have a Mac and you only have Microsoft Word 2016 you may install RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM) from Word 2016's Insert tab > Add-ins > Word Store > then search for RefWorks - select the RefWorks Citation Manager add-in and add it by clicking the 'trust it' button. You will then be requested to enter your RefWorks log in details before you can start using it. Alternatively, new users may choose to switch to new RefWorks 3.0 and then install RCM in the same way. N.B. this add-in is also compatible with Word 2016 for Windows and legacy RefWorks 2.0)
  • To register for a RefWorks 3.0 account see the Links and Files section below
  • Users who migrate from legacy RefWorks 2.0 to new RefWorks 3.0 are advised to export their references from legacy RefWorks 2.0 in RefWorks Tagged Format. This file may be imported into the new RefWorks 3.0 account - please note: your existing folders will not be carried over to new RefWorks 3.0, however.
  • Alternatively, use legacy RefWorks 2.0 in One Line / Cite View mode (see
  • Or use an alternative to reference manager to RefWorks, such as Mendeley, for which regular training sessions are held (see


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  1. Hi! thanks for this advise. However I have upgraded to OS El Capitan and also got the new word version 15.18 2015. I tried to download write-n-cite version 2.5 however this isn't support. What should I do now to access my refworks? Thanks!
    by Kim on 15 Jan, 2016.
  2. Hi Kim,

    Unfortunately ProQuest still has not released a version of Write-N-Cite 4 that is compatible with Word for Mac 2016. An update is imminent and I will keep chasing ProQuest. However, we have no information on a release date for Macs at this time. When it is available we will update this FAQ.

    I will also send you an email with alternatives suggestions. You may drop in to the LibSmart Desk on floor 1 of the Library (open from 1-6 Mondays to Thursdays and 1-5pm on Fridays, term-time only. See: - or you may contact your Subject Liaison Librarian to book a one-to-one session.


    Dom Benson
    by E-library Team on 15 Jan, 2016.
  3. Hi Dom, Thanks very much for your instructions. My institute only provide office 365 which contains the newest version of word. I am not able to refworks for my research but Mendeley works in the Mac Word 2016.
    by Cathy on 09 May, 2016.
  4. Thank you very much for this faq page, it has helped me a lot.
    by JD on 04 Aug, 2016.
  5. I have updated the various answers here to say that Mac users with Word 2016 can switch to RefWorks 3.0 and use the new Word Add-In called RefWorks Citation Manager - this Add-In can be installed from Word's Insert tab - then select Add-Ins and (Office) Store and serach for RefWorks.

    At the moment Brunel University London offers RefWorks 2.0 and Write-N-Cite 4.4.1376 to Windows users on our network but we will also support Mac users who have Word 2016 and wish to switch to RefWorks 3.0 (you can sign up at
    by E-library Team on 19 Sep, 2016.
  6. Hi
    I am trying to download write and cite now I have downloaded office 365
    I tried to use the suggestion of going to window tab and insert 'add ins' and choosing store and reworks- it asks for a login and though i do this it still does not work- any suggestions?
    by jlg on 30 Oct, 2016.
  7. Hi, Juliet --

    The answer from the ProQuest's Product Sales Specialist is:

    "The latest version of Write N Cite for Legacy RefWorks is version 4.4. This should be available to download from RefWorks and is compatible with all versions of MS Office from 2007 to 2013.

    "For Office 2016 on both Windows and Mac you would need to install the RefWorks Citation Manager. This works with both Legacy and new RefWorks.

    "The RefWorks Citation Manager is available from the Microsoft store.

    "To download it, from within Word, go to: Insert > Add-ins > Store and then search for RefWorks.

    "Select the RefWorks Citation Manager and add it by clicking the 'trust it' button.

    "You will then be requested to enter your RefWorks log in details before you can start using it."

    If you need further assistance, email and tell them the versions of Refworks (legacy or new), Word and RefWorks add-in you have.
    by E-library Team on 01 Nov, 2016.
  8. Support cases should now be reported to
    by E-library Team on 26 Mar, 2018.