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RefGrab-It is a bookmark tool you can install and use to capture web page data and import a reference into your Refworks database.

You can install RefGrab-It on the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome

Please note that for the bookmark tool to work it must have the following javascript code save as the URL:


You should also make sure you enable a pop-up for the following website:


This step will permit the <Import to RefWorks> button to open a pop-up window so you can sign in to Refworks and import the web page reference.

Below you will see a screenshot of what RefGrab-It looks like on Google Chrome - if you want to enable the Bookmark bar, type Ctrl-Shift-B (or use the Settings button top right).

  • Open the web page you want to reference
  • Click on RefGrab-It on your Bookmarks bar
  • Select the tick box under "The Web Page"
  • Then select the <Import to RefWorks> button
  • A RefWorks pop-up should open in another window
  • Sign in to Refworks in the usual way and the import should complete automatically (if it does not work, check your browser's pop-up settings again)


RefGrab-It bookmark tool on Google Chrome


Sometimes, due to network latency or a problem with the connection between the website and RefWorks, you may see a grey pop-up overlaying the web page but no bibliographic metadata is captured. If this occurs when you use RefGrab-It please follow the advice on the Word document below: "What to do when RefGrab-it doesn't load correctly".

If you cannot get RefGrab-It to work at all, and there is no problem with enabling the pop-up setting to RefWorks on your browser, we recommend that you add the reference to RefWorks manually or check if you can add an exception to your anti-virus program for the javascript widget.

The Scholar's Portal provides some excellent guides on exporting references various databases below. You may also contact RefWorks Support ( for guidance between 2pm and 1am on weekdays.