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About OpenAthens

If you are a student from the Department Clinical Science and you are due to go on placement with the NHS you will be emailed an OpenAthens account activation code from at the start of your course.

Please activate your OpenAthens account as soon as possible and remember your password. Keep the email for future reference as it contains important information. You may reset your password via "OpenAthens for the NHS" (see also under Links & Files below) and choose the "Forgotten your password?" link to reset it. If you did not activate your OpenAthens account in time, please contact us.

About e-Learning for Healthcare (e-LfH)

One of the digital resources that you need to use is called e-Learning for Healthcare -- it provides access to an online learning courses.

We recommend that you access it via (or via "OpenAthens for the NHS" under Links & Files below).

Please note: the first time you access e-LfH you will need to register (use the "Register" button or the "Proceed to next step" button as appropriate - see the screenshots below). This will link your details to your OpenAthens account (please change the field with "oa-FirstName" to your first name).

Choose the categories relevant to you, for example:

  • NHS England - Southern
  • Occupational therapy or Physiotherapy or Physician Associate student
  • Primary speciality: "Not applicable"
  • Brunel University Higher Education institution
  • Your first name and last name
  • start date = when you started at Brunel (for example 24 Sep 2018)
  • end date = when you are due to finish your course (for example 30 Sep 2020)
  • add any other mandatory details (some details are optional so you do not need to complete all the boxes)
  • the next time you access e-LfH you should find that your details are stored safely under "My Account"

Screenshots to guide you:

Use "Sign on with OpenAthens" if you see the option (the username and password boxes for e-LfH are not relevant and should not be used (except if you are on the Specialist Community Public Health Nursing course)

e-Learning for Healthcare - Sign on with OpenAthens


Register your details (first time only)

Register your details on e-Learning for Healthcare


Then follow these steps...

e-Learning for Healthcare - accept the terms and conditions


e-Learning for Healthcare - register your personal details


e-Learning for Healthcare - complete your personal registration


e-Learning for Healthcare - notifications including general data protection requirements


We recommend that you always sign on via: to access e-LfH before you use any links that your are emailed or provided with on Blackboard so that your e-LfH profile is recognised automatically - select "Sign in via NHS England".

Please also verify that your name is registered correctly by looking at the top left corner and/or under "My Account".

The "Statutory and Mandatory Training" e-learning courses that you need to complete are listed on Blackboard under your module's workforce section.

When you click through the buttons on your Blackboard module please use the "Sign on with OpenAthens" button rather than trying to enter a username and password (OpenAthens is the only system you should use to sign in).

You will need to use the "Enrol" button on e-LfH for each e-learning course that you need to take, such as Safeguarding Adults or Data Security Awareness. After you complete each course check that the name on your certificate is correct before you upload it to Blackboard's Pebblepad.


e-Learning for Healthcare - My Learning - Select Enrolment



Your Blackboard module should list the relevant e-LfH courses that you need to complete, for example: Safeguarding Adults (SGA) -- please look for a "Sign on with OpenAthens" button further down or across the page rather than trying to enter your OpenAthens username as an e-LfH username. Here are some screenshots to provide guidance and there is more information under Links and Files below.


e-Learning for Healthcare - sign on with OpenAthens - Safeguarding Adults (SGA) e-learning programme


e-Learning for Healthcare - sign on to Safeguarding Adults (SGA) e-learning programme


If you find that you are unable to access your e-LfH profile (your account may become inactive after a while), or you find that your name is not correct, report the problem via e-LfH's general Support Form at: If you have any difficulty with this please also contact us via email.


On a mobile device you may see:

e-Learning for Healthcare - how to Sign on with OpenAthens


If you get an error page, again, look for the "Sign on with OpenAthens" button...


e-Learning for Healthcare - do not use the username and password, look below for a Sign on with OpenAthens button


Finally, if you use a mobile or Windows device, we have noticed that while signing in to e-LfH, the first character of the username can change to a capital letter which may cause a denial of access. Please ensure all the characters are in lower case before signing in.